Trauma Reduction Workshops

Our trauma reduction workshop is a three day therapeutic programme which has evolved from the ground breaking work of Pia Mellody in the field of co-dependency (developmental trauma).  It has been specifically developed to deal with traumatic childhood issues, such as neglect, abuse and abandonment and helps people to identify their trauma responses and how to deal with them in healthier ways.

The aim of the programme is to help people to discover new ways of managing their emotions and to learn how to re-parent themselves and to begin resolving the grief, pain and shame of early childhood traumatic experiences.

The workshop costs £1050 for the 3 days and a deposit of £150 is required to secure a place.  Workshops are held in West London.

Please feel free to make contact if you are interested in attending. / 07873424417

Workshop Overview

Day 1: Participants begin to understand the concepts of developmental trauma.  Without assigning blame to caregivers, participants explore the impact their parent-child relationships, as perceived by the child.  

Day 2: Participants explore their childhood experiences, as they remember them, identifying where less-than-nurturing behaviour during childhood has impacted them.  The focus is on identifying the feelings connected to those experiences in a safe space.

Day 3: Participants re-examine their childhood relationships in a safe and nurturing environment.  As the grip of the trauma loosens and painful emotions are released, healing and growth begin.


Because of the nature of the work we ask that participants be in regular therapy before and after the workshop.  We offer a free assessment to ensure that participants are at an appropriate stage for the work and for those in recovery from addiction a level of abstinence is needed.