Lesley Amanda Berongoy,

MSc., PGDip., BACP Accredited

Private Counselling Practice - South East and Central London


Why come for counselling?

Sometimes, when life gets difficult, we get stuck in patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviour which are no longer useful to us.  We need to change but don't know how and this can lead to stress and anxiety, pain and unhappiness.  It is at this impasse, this stuck point, that people often seek therapy.  

Talking therapies can bring a renewed sense of hope to people's lives, releasing pain and encouraging personal growth and well-being.  I work with both individuals and groups to explore the blocks which are preventing change, often caused by old behavioural patterns, memories, thoughts and feelings.  My clients have shown me that when they feel safe enough to challenge what is difficult within themselves, they experience a sense of empowerment as they begin to make changes in their lives and gain confidence and trust in themselves.